Sunday, November 20, 2005


Many of the rich carvings on Ilam Cross have been seriously eroded and more lost altogether, but peeping out from behind a leaf on one of the plinths of a statue on the south face of the monument, is a picturesque (even grotesque) creature - which we have called the Ilam Imp. His scaly tail, curled like an ammonite, sits near the back of the niche, stained with old soot and hiding bird's nesting materials. In medieval times, many monuments and buildings were decorated with fanciful figures, which can also be seen in illuminated manuscripts. The sculptor, Richard Westmacott, was probably adding an authentically medieval feature of the Cross.

The Ilam Imp is the mascot for our campaign to save and conserve this magnificent memorial. If you want to help avoid the danger of the Imp losing his home, please log on to the appeal page and make a donation by clicking HERE.


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